Sunday, June 29, 2008

R is for Rash

Aaron and I were planning on going to San Diego this weekend for our friend's wedding. Aaron's brother was able to score us some buddy passes so we could fly for free, and we were really excited to see family and friends.
Unfortunately, Finn chose this week to catch a crazy virus that gave him a bad fever and made him really lathargic. The fever and lathargy were gone by Wednesday, so I thought it was just from teething, but on Thursday he started to break out in a rash. Since we were outside swimming on Thursday, I thought it might be a heat rash -- wrong again.
By Friday the rash was much worse and we made the sad decision to cancel our trip. I took Finn to the doctor who explained that Finn had caught a virus that gave him the fever, the rash and body ache...which explains why he has been Grumpy Grumperson for the past few days. Since it was viral, Benedryl would not help and all we could do was give him Tylenol for the body ache and wait for the rash to go away.
Luckily, his rash is 100% gone today and he is back to his happy self again. We are sad that we missed out on our trip, but glad that we had the good sense to stay home, as I can only imagine that it probably would have turned into the trip from hell for us and everyone else sharing our plane.

I felt bad taking these pictures since Finn was such a sad little Grumpster, but we had to document this crazy rash of his!

This last picture breaks my heart...poor little guy! We are so glad he is feeling better!


Marce said...

awe! so sad! i'm sure it's the WORST seeing your little one in pain and unhappy and you don't know how to fix it.... ugh!
he's such a cute sad little guy though! i love that last picture.... he's such a stud!


Bailey said...

Poor little guy. He looks so uncomfortable. It's too bad you guys had to miss out on San Diego and free buddy passes!

jenny barton said...

rashes are the WORST! i'm glad he is feeling better... who knew you could get a rash from a viral infection?!

Andrea & da boyz said...

Ash I had no idea! Poor little guy! I'm so glad to hear he is feeling better. And smart move on the trip, although it is a bummer. We are going to be flying in August (23ish), if you want to co-fly! :)

Jobi Niu said...

K how sad is that?? Now common.. poor lil' guy and the fact you missed your trip! :( I'm glad he's doin better now! I think that's the first time I've seen him without a smile on his face!