Monday, August 18, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!

It was our good friends The Henry's that first introduced Aaron and I to the humor of Brian Regan. Since then, he has definitely become one of our favorite comedians and we were able to go to one of his shows at Thanksgiving Point on Friday. We had such a blast!

We went with our friends The Ellis's and wanted to grab a bite to eat first...which turned out to be a mistake. Let's just say we ended up scarfing down Cafe Rio on the way into the amphitheater only to find a full-on BBQ inside the we could have just eaten there and saved a huge headache. Oh well. We ended up getting pretty good seats anyway and had a really great time. Even the opening comedian Kermit Apio was really funny (yes, his name really is Kermit) but of course, Brian was the best. I caught a few jokes on video that I have been trying to upload for the past few days but Blogger is being go ahead and take this moment to look up some Brian Regan on youtube.

This turned out to be the best weekend ever because the next night was Neil's surprise Rock Band birthday party. Everyone had to come dressed up as a rocker. I love dressing up and everyone got really into it so it was totally fun. Meg went all out too...there was a "concessions" area with all kinds of treats, a cardboard stand-up of Gene Simmons, strobe lights, a disco ball, christmas lights in the backyard, fooseball table...and Rock Band of course! I borrowed a sweet David Bowie t-shirt from my friend and wore fake eyelashes with crazy makeup and hair. Aaron went the punk route and sprayed his hair pink. He also wore a studded bracelet and let me put makeup on fun! With the strobe lights and disco ball, it felt like a real rock show in the basement. I wish I would have taken more pictures of everyone's crazy are just a few:

Aaron and I....Wa Ca Ca Cow!

Me, Gene, and Megan

Hangin' out in the backyard. L-R: Tom, Chris (both sporting sweet wigs), Andrea (80's rocker chick) and Kenny, also wearing a wig. Wow, there were a lot of wigs at this party

Sonny and Cher aka Lisa and Chad. Chad's long flowing purple dress was hilarious.

Having two baby-free nights definitely felt like a great getaway! We finished the weekend by hanging out at Dan and Bobbi's on Sunday with the fam. Aaron's brother Jake is in town from Texas so it was great to see him and his cute family. Thanks to everyone who made this the best weekend ever!


Zane and Lexi said...

oh boy - we are definitely jealous. We were gonna get tickets to his show but it was the day after we left, bummer!!! looks like soooo much fun. I about died when I saw your rocker get up. You guys fit the part for sure! we are bummed we didn't get to see you before we left, guess you'll just have to come visit us in the caribbean!!! :)

jenny barton said...

ashley, i've LOVED catching up on your blog...
a: henry is the perfect name for a corolla.
b: a rockband party is genius (and you looked hot).
c: it's so cute how finn holds up "one"
d: i can't wait for SYTYCD!

Meghan said...

I love love love Brian Regan! He is so funny - I went to his show a couple years ago and my cheeks hurt so much after it.

You and Aaron look great in your outfits! Love it!

Davis and Quinton said...

you look hot.

Kathleen said...

I definately liked Aaron's pink hair. You all look kind of scary...that's a comment from a 50+ mother who never would have let you go to school dressed like that!!!
Thanks for blogging the pictures!

And & da boyz said...

Um...That picture of you and Aaron is Wow. Are you guys really closet rockers?! Fun to see your pics. Let's have costume parties more often! Seriously, maybe one of us should host one a quarter--so fun!

Marce said...

you are such a hottie! LOVE IT!!!! you make me laugh like mad.

Dan & Ashley said...

Wow that is awesome!!! What a fun weekend! I'm so jealous you went to Brian Reagan!! That would've been soooo much fun! He is our favorite! The party looked so much fun too! Megan is so creative I love it! We can't wait to see you guys in September!! HOoray!

Charlotta-love said...

Okay, that might be the coolest party idea EVER. Tell me...were any of the NKOTB there? Better yet, don't tell me. I will be seriously jealous if the answer is yes.

maryirene allen said...

oh man! those pictures are hilarious and awesome. isn't it so good to just let go and live!