Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boyz II Men Rocks My World!

Alright, alright alright. I know what you're all thinking. But DON'T underestimate the power that a has-been group can have over an Orem audience, not to mention my heart strings. Seriously, I have fallen in love with Boyz II Men all over again.
It all started at Missy Porter's house in 4th (or was it 5th?) grade. "On Bended Knee" began to play over the speakers and I shared my first slow dance with a sweaty-palmed boy named Matthew Gaile. I had never heard a more romantic song in my life.

Fast-forward 13 years, and my sisters surprised me with a ticket to join them at a Boyz II Men concert at the Scera Shell outdoor amphitheater. Aaron stayed home with Finn under the guise that he "only ever listened to Boyz II Men at stake dances, if that". Boy did he miss out!
Neil, Tom, Megan and Lesli getting amped for the show

The theater was TOTALLY packed and the crowd was totally psyched. The singers were all so surprised and happy that so many people came, and they really did put on a great show! This short video shows some of their sweet performance skills -- check out those dance moves!

It really was so entertaining...I would see them again any time!


Meghan said...

Matt and I are so JEALOUS!

Jobi Niu said...

K.. they freakin rocked my world too!! When they came out I was screaming SOOO loud! They were so entertaining. You got a good clip of them dancing. SOOO worth $15 huh?

Mark & Nataly said...

ashley....I am sooooo jealous!!! I love and loved Boyz II Men and I was so sad that I wasn't going to be in town when they came to the Shell. My good friend Claudia was there at the show as well!!!! So jealous--I bet it was just so fun! By the way, love your blog design!

Kathleen said...

Sounds like a great concert. The last time I had that much fun was when we drove to Calgary to a Beach Boys concert with Greg & Elizabeth!