Monday, August 11, 2008

The Little Guy Turns One!

Finn showing how old he is

Friday was Finn's birthday and he had the best day ever! He started celebrating by playing with his cousins Taj and Brody in the afternoon.

Finn and Brody

Taj picked out this shape-sorter toy for Finn and he totally loves it.

After dinner, we headed to Veteren's Park for Finn's party. We were so happy to be joined by family and friends that all love Finn.

After singing and blowing out his single candle, we let the little guy dig into his own piece of cake. I took waaay too many pictures of that, so here is my favorite one: After cake, we wiped him down as best we could and let him open his presents. Or rather, let him watch as I opened his presents for him. He was SO excited about all of his toys. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that his toy collection pre-birthday consisted of Aaron's old watch and a plastic cup. Let's just say it's been a long time since we've bought anything new.He loved this stuffed doggy from his Grammy right away. For some reason he has become attached to a really ugly blue teddy bear that I wish we didn't own, so Aaron and I were both happy to see him bond with something new. We've switched the teddy for the doggy in his crib and he doesn't mind a bit! Also in the picture are his Aunt Kimmy and cousin Jaxson.
Finn sharing his booty with his cousins Gemma and Jaxson. He played with his new toys on this blanket for over an hour while the adults ate cake and visited. Seriously, these toys have made my life so much easier lately.

He also had a lot of fun playing with the cheapest toy there: balloons!

I can't believe it has already been a year. Aaron and I are so happy that we can spend every day with this little guy. He brings so much joy to our family. Happy Birthday Finn!


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Finn! I'm glad you guys had such a fun day!

Jobi Niu said...

AWWW Happy Birthday Finn! It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital together and I was too sore and sick from percocets to come visit you.. sad.. ha ha Now our lil' guys are ONE!! Finn is SOOOOOO CUTE! Looks like you guys had fun for his birthday. I'm SOOO excited for the our "Ladies Night"

Charlotta-love said...

Happy Birthday Finn! 99 more years to go.

And & da boyz said...

Finn is so adorable! I LOVE the picture where he is holding up his one finger! And isn't Picnik the bomb? Seriously, I feel that all my pics that I don't adjust there do not compare anymore. Anyway, why does it seem impossible that Finn is already one? When are he and Brody going to even out in my mind (and Gemma, for that matter?). Someday soon. Maybe when they compete for girls. :)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday FINN! Can't believe you are a whole year old already - Looks like the party was a success: The cake looks yummy and the toys look fun. Loved the movies of Finn "dancing" and being sung to. Also the pic of him showing how old he is! What a cute little guy.

Dan & Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINNSTER!!!! (wow, where did a year go????!!!)